The Importance of Preserving our Memories of Grandparents

Recently my family lost my Stepmom, Marie.  Marie had been ill for a while, but the loss came suddenly and was not at all expected.  In helping my Dad with the preparations for the memorial, we sifted through old photographs looking for great photographs of Marie.  I was stunned that we didn't have one fairly recent portrait of her, that featured her alone, that wasn't a snapshot.  How had I let this slip by?  This woman, who was the love of my Father's life, hadn't been professionally photographed since she was a little girl.  

How had I let this opportunity slip by?  This woman, who was the love of my Father's life, hadn't been professionally photographed since she was a little girl.  

Naturally, when we think of photographing our families, the emphasis is on the younger generation; the growing children who are rapidly changing in size and appearance from year to year.  As a result, the elder generation and even ourselves (parents) are often an afterthought.

I have had the pleasure of photographing many grandparents with their grandchildren, usually within an extended family session.  Rarely is a session booked just to focus on the grandparents. I certainly have never done this with my own family, as evidenced by our struggle to find a wonderful, recent photograph of Marie.  

For this reason, and in Marie's honour, I am working on putting together a special 'For Grandparents Only' Package.   I hope this session will inspire everyone to create these important photographs that will become such treasures.  Because, sadly, and perhaps unexpectedly, the opportunity for photographs will be gone.



For Women only - How to Pose Like a Pro for photographs

If you're like most women, you struggle to capture your best features on camera.  As one who absolutely hates being photographed myself, I understand how scary it can be when the lens is pointing in your direction and you wonder, "Am I doing this right?"   While it may be true that some people just naturally photograph better than others, there are a few things we can do to make sure we get the best possible, most flattering photographs of ourselves. The secret is, it’s all in the pose! Here is the ultimate posing cheat sheet so that you’ll never again take an unflattering photo!

What To Do:

1.       Lean Your Upper Body Slightly Toward the Camera

Be sure when posing for a photo that you lean slightly toward the camera.  Your hips should always be behind your face as a general rule of thumb.

2.       Push Your Shoulders Down One Inch Toward the Floor

Many people tend to raise their shoulders a bit when being photographed, possibly due to nerves. Be aware of this tendency and push your shoulders down an inch or so toward the floor.   A longer neck, leaner lines and a more relaxed overall look is the result.  Beautiful!

3.       Turtle

Yup, you read it right.  It's called the turtle.  Project your face toward the lens, like a turtle coming out of it's shell.  Feels weird but looks great!

What Not to Do:

1.       No Duck Face.

No more of that obnoxious, pouty “duckface” that has somehow become so popular amongst today’s youth. You know, that one where you purse your lips and suck in your cheeks as though you’ve just sucked on a lemon? Duck face is out, got it? Just keep your expression pleasant and neutral, or give a nice genuine smile that feels natural and not too exaggerated.


2.       Don’t Stand Straight On.

Avoid standing straight on toward the camera, always angle your body slightly, it’s more flattering and always makes for a better shot.

3.       Don’t Try Too Hard.

Don’t exaggerate your poses or facial expressions, try to do what feels natural while keeping the above rules in mind. Trying too hard makes the photo look staged and uncomfortable.


Being photographed should be fun and painless.  Relax, enjoy yourself and incorporate the tips above and you'll look fabulous!  This post is for women only!  I'll have a post later on for the guys!

Feel free to share your best photo tip in the comments below!