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Your family and friends love you too much to tell you if you have a terrible idea. They will nod kindly and tell you how brilliant you are, no matter what. They’ll suggest you reach out to your cousin who just started a website building business and tell you about their dog walker who never asks them to book an appointment online, so why would you need your clients to do this for you? Your loved ones mean well, but they aren’t the best people to advise you when it comes to your business. We also love you, but not in the same way, so we’re honest and not afraid to tell it like it is. If you have a marketing idea that we think is going to cost you more than you’ll earn from the effort, we’ll say so and we’ll suggest a better plan. A client is upset and you don’t know what to do? Call us and we’ll walk you through the storm. Not sure about pricing a new product? We’ll weigh in and make suggestions. Anything from software to sales, promotion to packaging, instagram to influencers, we can help.

Advisory service hourly rates depend upon your need and are billed monthly in advance. If you go over a threshold, your hourly rate will change to the appropriate rate:
minimum 3 hours/month: $250/hr
6+ hours/month: $195/hr

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