Associate photography

Trish Mennell offers the option of Associate Photography in order to increase the flexibility of scheduling. 

Aside from an associate shooting, all else is the exact same as a shoot done by Trish - professional photography gear, complimentary styling, session edits done by Trish, your personal ordering session, artwork design and creation is all the same. 
The associate pricing is no different than Trish's pricing; as the studio pricing is based on costs with no premiums built in, so the cost of any session, with Trish or otherwise, is the same.  

The photos are of a consistent quality and you are guaranteed the top quality "Trish Mennell Photography" experience. 

Our Associate Photographers 

Amy Martin

Amy has her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Ryerson University and has over ten years of professional photography experience.
Originally from Edmonton AB, Amy comes from a family of artists, is friendly, bubbly, and LOVES to work with kids! 


For Kids Only Session


Event Session

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Headshot Session