Let’s plan for the best possible experience and outcome on session day!


I highly, HIGHLY, recommend hiring professional models from a reputable agency. They can enhance not just the images, but they will make the shooting go much faster, be professional and will prepare appropriately for the shoot. My observations are from both the perspective of a photographer, and the mother of a model.

Some tips:
Ask your models to bring a kit with items specific to the shoot. This can include things like clothing, makeup, hair products, specific undergarments or body suits, leather jackets or jean jackets, belts, scarves, instructions on hair condition (yes, we've seen models with dirty hair arrive for a shoot).

Also, be specific with the models regarding your photograph policy during the shoot. You may wish to keep things top secret and have them keep their phones in their bag or you may ask them to take photographs during the session to share on social media tagging your brand. If the latter is preferable, select models with a strong social media presence.

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