Portraits at your event

Thank you for considering Trish for Portraits at your event! It’s a wonderful way to provide a fun experience along with headshots for your team.

Please scroll down for a sample cost estimate.

“You wouldn't believe the compliments you are getting for your amazing work last night!  I cannot thank you enough for helping create such a lovely fun engaging atmosphere for our event…we really broke all of the rules last night, lol.”


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What is the occasion? Where is your event taking place? How many people are you hoping to photograph? Trish is able to photograph no more than six people per hour in the portrait style she is known for and will shoot for up to four hours.

Sample estimate

  • A backdrop of your choice (white, grey, dark grey, blue...almost any color is possible). 

  • on location studio lighting setup. 

  • Each subject will have approximately 10 minutes in front of the camera. Please keep in mind that ‘squeezing in’ additional subjects will result in delays for everyone and additional charges. Each subject may select two images for retouching. Selections must be made within one week of gallery receipt or images are delivered ‘as is’.

  • Online storage of files is complimentary for 1 year with the ability to download high resolution or web sized files. Long term storage of your files is available!

  • Hourly rate of $750 with a maximum of six people per hour.  It is not possible to increase the number of people per hour on the schedule.  It is better to add time to the shoot to ensure the best possible results for everyone.

  • Makeup artist on hand for touchups is very, very highly recommended. $450 Makeup artist will provide beautiful touchups to the subject's already present makeup.  Artist is not to do 'full face' makeup as time does not allow this for large groups.  Gentlemen will receive skin perfecting makeup that is only to prevent shine, shadows and hide blemishes.

  • Misc costs (travel/parking/consumables) = $375 per day, depending upon location and backdrop selection and available shooting area. Evening events may require rentals.