pre session preparations



DON'T:  Worry or stress - your child will pick up on any negativity you are feeling. This includes bribing. Bribing is used to get kids to do things that aren’t fun. The session is fun, so bribing sends the wrong message. Just relax and expect the session to be fun. It’ll rub off on your child.

DO: Make it fun! Think about including something in your session that is special to your child - maybe their favourite dress or their favourite teddy bear. Ask your child to come up with pose ideas for their session. We love it when kids bring their ideas!

DON’T: Coach your child to ‘smile’ before the session. This often results in the ‘super cheese’ smile that you get in school photos. Not ideal!

DO:  Tag any photos that you post. If you would like to take a photo of your child having their photo taken, please take a quick one and then put the phone away as it interferes with the session. If you post, please tag us and use the hashtag #btsTrishMennell. Thank you!

DON’T: Bring snacks. We have a very short period of time for your session and a snack break is distracting, time consuming and can be messy. If you want to give your child a snack prior to the session, we suggest avoiding orange foods like goldfish crackers, as they often stain the skin and teeth. Water in a sippy cup is fine.

DO: Ensure you child’s teeth, face, nose and eyes are squeaky clean! Lip balm is great for dry lips. Retouching is expensive, so let’s avoid it as much as possible. If you like, don’t hesitate to blow-dry your child’s hair if you’d like it to look extra awesome.

DON’T: Be late! We have many appointments and need to keep to our schedule. If you are a wee bit late, Trish will work extra fast to get as many images as possible in your remaining time slot.

DO: Check out the directions to the studio. We’re deep in the building, so allow yourself an extra ten minutes to navigate to the studio in the labyrinth that is 260 Carlaw! Input Trish’s cell into your phone 416 737-5475. Call if you get lost. :)