30 minute studio headshot in studio - $550

Quick, efficient and perfect for the professional who is looking for a great headshot. On location, please add $100.

90 minute studio session with multiple looks - $1200

Ideal for those who want to shoot more than one look and would like a variety of cohesive images for their website or personal branding. On location, please add $100.

Half day session for the influencer - $2375

Imagine capturing all of the content you need for an entire season all in one day! Give yourself the freedom to schedule your posts in just a few hours and stop stressing over your feed! We will work with you or your social media manager to create a cache of images to keep your feed fresh and engaging. Shoot in studio, on location, or a combination of both. Bring your own stylist, props and makeup artist or let us arrange all of this for you (additional fees apply). We suggest booking quarterly to ensure a consistent look for your brand and a steady stream of images. We also keep your images safe for you online so that you may access them anytime.


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