Wait, what?

Sometimes I wonder if my kid even likes me. As a mom, to stumble across this post about Muses by Amanda Klein is…well…everything. I need to call Zoe and tell her the feeling is mutual.

photo by Amanda Klein.  Read the entire article here.

photo by Amanda Klein. Read the entire article here.

Aspirations: my dream job is to be a Disney Imagineer (someone who builds the rides at the Disney Parks!), and I would totally love to have my first YA manuscript published within the next couple of years!
Q. What is your most cherished piece of jewelry?
A. A ring that my dad gave to my mum when I was born! It was passed down to me. :) 
Q. Who is (or was) the most inspirational female in your life?
A. Definitely my mother, Trish Mennell. She's the hardest working woman I know, and she's built an incredibly successful photography business in less than a decade. If there's anyone that's taught me my work ethic, it's her!
Q. Breaking into and working in the modelling industry can be extremely difficult work. How do you handle the pressure?
A. I actually don't find that there's that much pressure! As long as you understand that when you don't get chosen for a job, or you're told that you don't have the right look for a particular project, that it has nothing to with you as a person, you'll be fine! Don't think too much about anything anyone does in this industry: although it's a very personal business, it's still just business. 
Q. You in three words?
A. Hard working, over-analytical, silly to a fault! 
Q. Your favourite Amanda Klein piece?
A. I absolutely adored all of the chokers!!!! I can't choose just one!