This apple didn't fall very far...


This is literally the best. day. ever. I’m absolutely puffy with pride to announce that Zoe, my kid, my muse, my super-assistant, is now officially an Associate Photographer at the studio!

So many of you know Zoe already as she’s been assisting me for almost ten years on shoots, at parties and events and also working in The Vault service. What you may not know is that Zoe has been second shooting for years and photographing party sessions solo for the studio for a while now and that she is a sought after social media consultant specialized in content photography for instagram and bringing her amazing creative eye and tremendous knowledge of all things social media to help companies grow their brand following online.

Zoe loves the fun of shooting kiddie parties, so she’ll be taking these over effective immediately! This is fantastic as it allows me to focus on my sweet spot - making beautiful portraits and creating beautiful artwork.

If you have a birthday party booked, Zoe will be in touch!

Here’s a little something from our own family Vault:

Feels like yesterday

Wait, what?

Sometimes I wonder if my kid even likes me. As a mom, to stumble across this post about Muses by Amanda Klein is…well…everything. I need to call Zoe and tell her the feeling is mutual.

photo by Amanda Klein.  Read the entire article here.

photo by Amanda Klein. Read the entire article here.

Aspirations: my dream job is to be a Disney Imagineer (someone who builds the rides at the Disney Parks!), and I would totally love to have my first YA manuscript published within the next couple of years!
Q. What is your most cherished piece of jewelry?
A. A ring that my dad gave to my mum when I was born! It was passed down to me. :) 
Q. Who is (or was) the most inspirational female in your life?
A. Definitely my mother, Trish Mennell. She's the hardest working woman I know, and she's built an incredibly successful photography business in less than a decade. If there's anyone that's taught me my work ethic, it's her!
Q. Breaking into and working in the modelling industry can be extremely difficult work. How do you handle the pressure?
A. I actually don't find that there's that much pressure! As long as you understand that when you don't get chosen for a job, or you're told that you don't have the right look for a particular project, that it has nothing to with you as a person, you'll be fine! Don't think too much about anything anyone does in this industry: although it's a very personal business, it's still just business. 
Q. You in three words?
A. Hard working, over-analytical, silly to a fault! 
Q. Your favourite Amanda Klein piece?
A. I absolutely adored all of the chokers!!!! I can't choose just one!