Farewell 2016

I can't recall a year that made an impact quite the way that 2016 did in so many lives.  Personally, I had moments that were filled with joy and excitement (taking Zoe to her first day at university), and moments that were scary and sad and left me feeling incredible loss (taking Zoe to her first day of university). 

Throughout the ups and downs of 2016, I was lucky enough to witness moments that reminded me that we are all part of a big family of people who just want to feel love.  My job is to capture that love for the families that I visit, and I can't imagine anything I would rather do.

Zoe was home over the holidays and we spent time together drinking green tea and picking out some of our favourite images from the 2016 sessions to share in my annual slideshow.  We had such a good time looking through the images of families I've come to know, some over many years.  We even shed a tear or two over a few shared memories.

So, farewell 2016.  Love it or hate it, it was quite a year.  Despite what some may say, I have proof that it was a year filled with love.