How to gift Mom proof of a life well lived...

Looking for a bit of downtime in my inbox the other day, I clicked on an article about leading a happy life.  Considering the crazy that 2016/2017 was in my home, I felt like this would be a worthwhile read.  

One of the suggestions that jumped out at me was 'spend money on experiences versus things. It seems that experiences create “happiness residue,” and our perceptions of these experiences often get better over time. 

Another point was that happiness is not derived from attaining outward signals of success, but rather seeking satisfaction from new and novel experiences in pursuit of a life well lived.

This inspired me to create a special Mother's Day gift package to give Mom a 'new and novel experience' complete with a keepsake to encourage 'happiness residue'.  Click to reserve your package below.

(Want to read the whole article on leading a happy life?  Click here.)