This holiday season, custom is king

Can I get a hooray? Custom cards are back.

Untitled design.jpg

I walked past a house today that was all decked out in cobwebs and spiders and thought, it’s holiday card time! Yes, as soon as the rest of the world starts thinking about Halloween, anyone who does anything related to the holidays hears alarm bells that they need to get in supplies, cook a bunch of meals for the freezer and get their holiday shopping done (online, of course) because it’s time to create!

For many years, I have been known for my custom cards. I love looking at an image and creating a design inspired by the family I’ve photographed. I love incorporating that family’s unique personality into their design to ensure that when their card is received, it is remembered and perhaps even saved.

Alas, demand outgrew capacity and I decided to direct my clients to the lovely designs at Minted or Printed Matter to select a template and create their own card with an image we made. I even arranged a special studio discount with Minted, which I passed along. This seemed fine for a couple of years, but, as with all trends, the template offering has grown weary. Clients are receiving cards from friends that they’ve seen online and it’s taken away the something special that comes from sending out a greeting in the mail.

Poor Robin (you all know as the studio stylist and artwork advisor) didn’t send a card at all last year because I wouldn’t make a custom one for her. She didn’t see the point of sending out a template with her family on it. “Once you’ve sent a beautiful custom card, you can’t go back,” she said.

She’s right. It’s time to make holiday cards special again, beginning with the 2018 holiday season.

Now, in order to keep our sanity at the studio, we’re limiting the number of custom designs we’re booking to just twenty. Twenty sounds like not a lot, but when it comes to creating completely original designs, it’s a lot. Trust me. :)

I’d love to create a card for you using an existing photograph from one of our sessions, or we can do a special ‘mini’ session just for your card. We can even do a card without an image, if you’d prefer.

If you’d like fresh images for your card, a 45 minute session is just $225 in studio, $325 at home or on location. I will select my favourite image for your card and present your design to you within your preview gallery, about two weeks after our session. Cards begin at $3. Quantity pricing is available.

We’re building our holiday price menu with many opportunities to create collections that will allow you to gift yourself and others. Order your cards, prints for gifting, and anything else you’d like, all at once, and have your holiday planning well in hand long before the lineups have even begun at the shops.

Interested? email Melanie to reserve your spot.