Eight things I've learned while photographing other people's children

  1. All kids really are good.  That goodness may be wrapped in a bundle of sass or in a headstrong, energetic little package, but they are good down deep.  It just takes different lengths of time for it to come through from kid to kid, but, with patience, it’s always there.  
  2. Most parents think their kids aren’t as well behaved as other people’s kids.  Not true.  They can all be total turkeys when they want to be, and angels if they so choose (see #1).
  3. Kids look awesome in great clothes.  I can take my son, who will happily wear the oldest, grossest track pants and a t-shirt that is two sizes too small, throw him in some Scotch Shrunk and - voila! - super cute kid.  Amazing.
  4. Any child will pass gas anytime, anywhere.  I thought it was just my kids (see #2).
  5. There is nothing more valuable than a child’s trust.  Once you’ve earned it, treat it like gold.
  6. My kids have had really lame birthday parties.  I never share photos of the parties I photograph with my son.  At our house a piñata is a REALLY big deal.  
  7. I’m pretty sure 99.9% of kids pick their nose.  It’s probably 100% but some kids are more private than others.
  8. Kids enjoy being photographed…if it’s fun.