How a little girl named Mara made my day

It feels like only yesterday when I met this lovely couple who were expecting their first child, a little girl.  I remember chatting with Hayley on the phone about how I was exactly her age when I had my first child, also a little girl.  I told Hayley that, at the time, I didn't realize that I'd given birth to someone who would turn out to be my very best friend.  


Since then, I've watched Mara grow up from this wee, darling baby...

...into this beautiful little lady.  Mara is a big sister now.   Her little brother was in the studio today for his six month session, so she's no longer the baby of the family.  She's a spirited, chatty little girl who loves Disney princesses and Paw Patrol.  

We made lots of sweet photographs of everyone and had finished up for the morning when I looked around and saw Mara and Hayley, snuggled up just like my daughter and I way back in the day.  I ran for my camera and grabbed a shot.  

This endearing moment made the memories come rushing back to the times when my 17 year old and I would snuggle and be silly.  We built a bond back then that has never broken (except for that little blip during the early teens, but I've managed to block that out).   Seeing this happening with Mara and Hayley altogether made my day.