Doing what you love in a way that works.

About abundance, cocreating and collaboration, not competition.

Your money is worth what you spend it on.

Put your time, money and energy into something like this. Be a different person. This pays for itself a million times over.

Podcast. Put your money into you.Connect to yourself. We want the doubts, judgement of your yourself and your capability. Live an inspired life whereby you are pulled to do things that are amazing. Fall in love with who you are and what is, and your business will come through you.

tap into the creative you. Not the scared you. The flow based fun you.

Being told the way things have to be done. You feel pressure to do things in the way you’re told you should do it. Templates for everything. Websites, logos, businesses.

I know that you go to your mind and not your heart. Things feel heavy. Difficult. You have

I’m only worth ‘‘. tap into your creativity. Strategize, manipulate. Let it go. This is not money based.Tap into something in you that is real and amazing. No false hype. No fake followers. The more you want the results, the less you will get.

Birth your business. Your pain means new purpose, new reason. What is your dharma. You need to do what keeps you in flow. You need to outsource anything that doesn’t feel like you. Your business is your mirror.

Add value. Be of service.

Do you feel heaviness. Make room only for things that expand you. No heavy clients. They only get heavier.

Let go of the rules. You think you have to … but you don’t need to listen to how the world tells you life works.

It shouldn’t require exhaustion to feel like you did a good day’s work.

Stop using Google to help you design your business. Your instincts are all you need.

Let the business come to you. Be great. Attract clients to you rather than chasing them.