newborn pre-session preparations


Styling with Robin is a great idea before your shoot, so take advantage of this perk. In case you didn’t have time amongst all of the busy-ness of bringing home baby, here are some tips:

A plain white onesie is perfect for baby, any sleepers without feet, simple and not fussy. Collars are so cute but they tend to flip up and block baby’s face.

Avoid logos. Maxi dresses look great on Mom. Texture is gorgeous. Long cardigans, a tank or T, is wonderful. If you have a diaper wearing toddler girl in a dress, be sure to have a pair of bloomers on her to cover that diaper. Dad is perfect in jeans and a neutral T, something that is comfortable to move in. If you have older kids, Dad may be tossing a kid around, so let’s make sure he can move.

Neutrals always look great.



DO: Make sure your little one is well fed and rested, a happy baby makes happy photos! And we are happy to accommodate a time that best suits your baby's schedule.

DO: Move the diaper container, breast pump and other paraphernalia out of the nursery. Replace them with a vase of flowers, perhaps next to the nursing chair.

DO: Take a break anytime you need it.

DO: Let Trish know if there is a specific shot that you really, really want to capture during the session.

DO: If there are older siblings, tell them that Trish will take some photos of them on their own, so ask them to think of something special they’d like Trish to photograph for them.

DO: Keep the house warm. If the house is chilly, your little one will be unsettled.


DON'T: Worry or stress - your children will likely behave in ways you’ve never seen before. Don’t make this the time that you require perfect behaviour from them. Allow kids to be a little ‘off’ and just let it go. It’s all good.
DON'T: Plan anything immediately following your session - having a free schedule allows for stress free photos.

DON’T: Please don’t take photos over Trish’s shoulder. This is distracting for Trish and for the subject. If you’d like to take a photo of your little one’s first photo session, let Trish know and she’ll step aside and help you to get the best possible behind the scenes photograph.

DON’T Send the dog away. Trish loves dogs in family photos!