Selecting art for your walls can be tricky, but we are here to help.  The first step is to select the images that you know you will love seeing on your walls, say after day.

Once you have selected a favourite image or group of images, you want to be sure to consider:

  • Your decor.  Our curated options include an elegant framed print, a modern metallic print finished in acrylic or a gallery mounted emery print set into a black or white thin mount.

  • The viewing distance of the image.  This is more important than the wall space, however many people believe that the place to start is with the wall space when selecting their artwork.  Don't make this mistake.

  • The images you’ve selected.  The size of the subjects in the image (or images) can help to dictate the appropriate size and medium for your artwork.

We have software that allows us to place your images on a photograph of your wall to help ensure the result is one that you love for years. Have a look here for instructions on photographing your wall for us. Then, once we have your favourites selected, we can show you our ideas.

Once you have your wall images, send them to us at Let’s make beautiful artwork for your home!