Portrait sessions for your family



at home, in studio or at your favourite place in the city

At least once a year, if not once a quarter, capture your family together in a comprehensive 90 minute family session. Shoot at home, in-studio or at a favourite place. A library of family memories is the greatest gift you can create for your family. Consider supplementing with Family 45 sessions for special occasions and For Kids Only Sessions because the kids change so quickly!

family 45 session

Trish’s version of the ‘mini session’

Not your first rodeo? You’d be amazed at what we can capture in 45 minutes. Available in studio or at home.

for kids only

45 mins in studio or at home

You know how your kid puts on their favourite article of clothing and it’s suddenly way too small? That’s a sign it’s time to photograph that child! Select For Kids Only from the booking menu, either in studio or at home.


90 mins at home or in studio with styling

Don’t miss this fleeting time in your child’s life. The Baby Plan is a very popular option, ensuring you capture your family’s first year with your new addition beautifully, creating family heirlooms along the way and taking advantage of special perks for Baby Plan members. Select from in-studio or at home. If you’d like to enrol in the Baby Plan, just mention this in your booking notes and we’ll take care of the rest.



90 mins at home or in studio with styling

This session will be one of your child’s favourite albums one day. Show them how excited you were about their arrival by capturing your life before they arrived. Not feeling particularly photogenic due to your little passenger? Trish is an absolute pro at the little adjustments in your movements that will ensure you look and feel wonderful. Recommended to shoot at home, but the studio is available to you, too.


Cottage Sessions

90 mins+ with styling

Sessions at your home away from home. Inquire with some date options as these session require some calendar coordination on our end. Travel premiums vary based upon dates and location. Trish is available for travel.