The life-changing magic of organizing your family archives.

In 2017, my parents passed away unexpectedly; first Dad, then a few weeks later, Mum. My world was forever changed. I found myself craving photographs that would tell the story of their lives; proof that they lived as a mother and a father; as a son and a daughter; as a brother and a sister; as Grandpa and Nana. Sitting with Zoe, hunting through usb’s, discs, photo albums and boxes, I was frustrated by how difficult it all was and especially frustrated because I knew better.

The Vault service has been in the works since 2012, long before my parents passed away. Back then I was witnessing the frustration my clients described about managing their digital images (and family photo albums and children’s artwork) and I knew that I could help big time. As a professional photographer, I know a thing or two about archiving a whole lot of digital files and as a paperless studio, I know how to take the old way of doing things and bring it into the digital age.

When I set out to build the Vault, it had to meet three key objectives:

  • It must be full service. We must take away the anxiety that you feel about your photo library and take care of everything.

  • It must be easy to use. I don’t want you to need an IT person on staff to understand how to access your family photographs.

  • It must be beautiful. Our books must be beautiful. Our storage solutions must be archival and beautifully designed. Our slideshows and movies must be produced in the most beautiful way. Everything we make for you must ‘spark joy’.

When my parents passed away the Vault service became even more meaningful to me. I have worked hard to create something that will make a big difference in the lives of many. Over the past two years, working with some beta clients, I have refined and defined a service that I am proud to now offer to your family.

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