Welcome to The Vault intake questionnaire.  The information you provide here will enable us to provide you with an estimated start date and end date for your project, and a rough estimate of the cost.  These projects are very much different from person to person, so please share all that you can below so that we may tailor our service to your needs.  

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Your best contact number
We can organized your digital file collection, scan physical photographs, slides, documents, photograph your children's artwork collection, create albums of your images, upload to The Vault with the ability to easily print your images with a few clicks and have the prints arrive at your door...
Please list each desktop, laptop, hard drive, CD, floppy disc, photo albums, etc. If you aren't sure, please give us your best estimate.
If this is part of a surprise or gift for someone, please let us know what you are planning so that we can help make it happen!
What is your budget for the project? *
Projects often have many components and once we get started, it's easy to start adding on items that you wish to digitize. We can advise the best way to prioritize the components of your project to ensure we stay on budget and on time.
We can go over the options with you for sizes, covers, etc.
Do you have any questions or additional information you would like to share?