How fast can you find your child's baby pictures?


Families are losing their digital photographs.  The world of digital photography is a wonderful one, enabling us to capture so much.  But that has created a huge problem for so many, myself included.  Unless you started at the beginning, cataloging and carefully culling your digital images, I'll bet you'd have a hard time locating a baby photograph of anyone older than five in your family within ten minutes.

After witnessing so much frustration by my clients regarding their own digital images and the storage of the images that I take for them, I wanted to create a solution.  So, in 2016, The Vault was born utilizing external software providers, in conjunction with a few clients who have been my beta testers.  The limitations of the external software providers didn't allow me to offer all that I want for you.

In 2017, the work began to build a brand new Vault.  My team grew to include a programmer who has been working tirelessly to build exactly what I want you to have.  I want you to enjoy your photographs.  I want to give you easy access to your memories, an easy way to share them, print them and archive them properly for your family.  I want you to be able to show off your photos on your phone, easily place an online order a quick print for a school project and post to social media when it's your child's birthday.  I want to offer curated products that you can order yourself and have arrive at your door in just a few days.  All simply and at your fingertips.

Mostly, I want your children to have their baby pictures.

If you are interested in joining The Vault, drop us a note below and we will keep you in the loop.  We may even ask you a question here and there as we put the finishing touches on!

Note: The Vault is a service for clients of our studio and not open to everyone at this time.

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