Welcome to The Vault

I am so glad you are here.  I'm so glad that you are going to finally get a handle on the years of family memories that you have been meaning to organize.  The confusing iPhoto catalogs, the boxes of prints, the piles of your children's artwork; these are all important parts of your family's story.  We will organize and preserve everything before they are lost or damaged or the technology that you need to access them becomes obsolete.

Every project that we do is different.  Your media may be simpler than another person's, your hardware newer or older, your collection organized or maybe not so tidy.  You may simply want to digitize everything, or to create albums so that you have a shelf filled with printed memories that your family can enjoy (and maybe even fight over one day).  We will devise a plan to solve your problems and create the most beautiful, organized solution possible.

We do not outsource any of the components of your project.  Everything is done in house to ensure your security and privacy.  Your printed photos are not sent to an outside scanning company that uses speedy scanners that produce low resolution scans and can scratch your photographs.  We use the highest resolution flatbed scanners and, two by two, scan your photos ourselves.  It takes longer, but it's the best possible way to archive your memories.

We use our pro lab to create the best photobooks and albums available to us, should you wish to have printed keepsakes.  These are handmade right here in Canada, not whizzed off of a printing press overseas and Fedex'd to you within hours, printed with ink that will scratch off the page and thumb it's nose at all of the work we've done to preserve your memories.  We make heirloom quality keepsakes.  Otherwise, why bother?

Now, how do we do all of this and what will it cost?

Project set up fee: $275 due upon reservation of project time block

Your project planning will have many components and be specific to your needs.  We will provide a 1tb external travel hard drive to be used for your project which will be yours to keep at the conclusion of our work.  This hard drive will serve as the collection point for your images as well as the final backup of your organized photographs to keep in your safety deposit box.  

Your project set up fee also covers a one hour final meeting to show you how to access your images.  We will show you how to print photos quickly and easily whenever you need and how to download and share your photos.  We will also show you how to ensure you keep your photographs organized going forward. 

We want to know what your hopes and dreams are for your photo collection.  The questionnaire below will help us to determine the scope of your project.   Complete your questionnaire anytime by clicking HERE.

We take on a very small number of projects at a time to ensure that each is completed with care and efficiency.  Once your project is confirmed, we will block the time for your Data Dump.

The Data DumP

It sounds scary, but the data dump is just the collection of all of your photographs from your various devices.  This happens in your home. Photographs are transferred to your external 1tb hard drive which then comes with us so that we may work on your project off site. 

The time needed for the data dump depends greatly upon the current status of your photo collection.  Things to consider are:

  • How many devices you have (cds, harddrives, laptops, desktops, phones, etc)
  • How many photos there are on each device
  • Your current cataloging system
  • If photos on are your native drive or in the cloud, if in the cloud, the speed of your internet
  • The age of your current hardware and software, etc.  

Offsite work

The Vault projects can take weeks to months so, rather than setting up an office in your home, we work on your project in studio taking care of:

  • Culling of your photo collection to select the best photographs.  No more blurry shots, eyes closed shots or shots of the back of your head taken by your toddler while you’re driving!  We can sort through about 350 images per hour.
  • Sorting your collection - We sort by date, by holiday or occasion, or can custom sort by request.  The time this takes is dependent upon your needs.  
  • Scanning of physical photographs, personal documents and letters, artwork, diaries, etc.  We are able to scan approximately 100 photos per hour, up to 5x7.   Larger photographs take longer for the high resolution scanner to read and result in larger files.  


  • Data dump, culling, sorting, scanning: $35/hr
  • Photo retouching: $125/hr
  • Colour correction of photographs: $75/hr
  • Archival books and albums available.

Billing for hourly services is weekly.  We can keep to a weekly budget or complete your project as quickly as possible and provide weekly statements of your account.